Phyllis Cronbaugh

REALTOR, Mentor, Coach, Trainer
License#: 00037349

The country's images of the Midwest and Kansas City, like flyover country, cow town and endless open prairies, negate the truth: that Kansas City, Missouri - the larger of two cities that bear the same name - is a major metropolitan area with a diverse population of more than 2 million people.

Straddling two states and two rivers, Kansas City surprises newcomers who expect to find a homey metro area. Instead, they find a place that continues to celebrate its history while continuously innovating. Locals can sit down to a game of cards in a riverboat casino before enjoying a show at the Kansas City Symphony. Or they can honor resident legend Charlie Parker with a stop at the American Jazz Museum before sinking their teeth into the famous Arthur Bryant's barbecue.

As more millennials flock to Kansas City for its desirable cost of living and optimal job market, the area has fostered the growth of a creative community. Throughout the area, independent boutiques and coffee shops have sprung up, and walls of buildings are decorated by colorful murals.

Area Overview

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